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Full Size Stubble Bubbles Shaving Soaps

Full Size Stubble Bubbles Shaving Soaps

Shaving Soaps

There are some instances when size does matter. These full size Stubble Bubbles shaving soap bars for men from Health Wellness and Beyond are the perfect size for shaving his head because they are easier to handle than the smaller size shaving bars (I refer to the smaller bars as "pucks") - I sometimes refer to these larger bars as "bald bars" for this reason. These full size bars (weighing approximately 4.5 ounces each) are also perfect for use in a pinch when no shaving brush is available as they lather easily in the hand. This shaving soap is vegan, rich in shea butter and olive oil and is available in the same fragrance varieties as the "puck" and tub soaps and are also available with a handcrafted wooden soap dish to help prolong the life of your shaving soap bar. With average use and proper care, a bar should last approximately four months.  Shaving soap purchased with the soap dish will be finished with black ribbon making this a classic gift to yourself or to a lucky friend or loved one!

Every bar of shaving soap comes packaged in a sparkling cellophane bag and is blended fresh to order - just for you!

A note about bars: larger orders or batches will be wavy edge hand-cut bars - smaller orders will be individually hand-poured smooth sided bars; this allows me to keep waste at a minimum and provide the freshest products possible...

Fragrance Descriptions

Natural & Essential Oil Varieties:

    Lavender - relaxing and soothing 100% certified pure lavender essential oil

no fragrance - a "Pure" product; all of the good skin-loving stuff without any added fragrance or color; for those who relish in technicalities, "hypoallergenic"

Original Stubble Bubbles Men's Fragrance - a favorite of men and women alike, the fragrance of original Stubble Bubbles all-natural shaving soaps, available here, is a blend of 100% natural essential oils with notes of bergamot, sweet basil, pink grapefruit, and a hint of patchouli - getting clean isn't "girlie" especially when it smells like this!

Gentle & Skin-Safe Fragrance Varieties:

    A Clean Shave - a special scent for men; very sexy and very masculine fragrance reminiscent of an old fashioned barber shop

Manly Musk - the classic scent for men; a slightly sweet, woodsy, and sexy scent

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