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Handblown Glass Wasp Trap - Square

Handblown Glass Wasp Trap - Square

Square Wasp Trap

Adorn your outdoor space with the warm amber tones of our Handblown Glass Wasp Trap from Health Wellness and Beyond. This square-shaped beauty helps create an all-natural, bug-free zone. Topped with a repurposed wine cork, it attracts and traps wasps and other flying pests, without toxic chemicals.

Care: Hand wash with mild soap and water, air dry.
Dimensions: 7”H x 5”W x 5”D, holds 2 ounces.

Using a wasp trap:
Wasp traps attract wasps to the sweet bait inside. Wasps fly in, but can’t get back out and will drown in the liquid bait. To use, simply fill the trap with bait (sugar water, flat soda, lemonade, or other sweet liquid) and hang it in an area where wasps congregate. To clean, uncork and submerge in soapy water, then rinse and refill.

Our traps come with a handy instruction card that includes more information on bait, use and cleaning.

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