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Include the beautiful outdoors in your healthy lifestyle.

Gardening and using fresh herbs, and produce in your meals can help you to live a natural and healthy lifestyle, plus there is nothing like seeing the results of your hard work peek through the soil and become a beautiful plant or flower.   Health Wellness and Beyond is pleased to be able to offer you a variety of products for your garden from Culinary Herb Garden Kits to Outdoor Accessories that will make your garden the envy of the neighborhood.   It’s easy to add an eco-flair to your patio or porch with our Teak Flower Box, just add colorful flowers and greenery for a gorgeous addition to your outdoor space.  Add a decorative touch on your front porch and keep the insects away with one of our colorful Hand blown Glass Wasp Traps.  These beautiful bottles attract and trap wasps without the use of toxic chemicals. 

Whether you want to plant veggies or flowers or a bit of both, Health Wellness and Beyond has the organic and non-toxic kits available to create the peaceful, and serene outdoor space that you desire.

Start creating your oasis today!